By Sarah Fiorello

The following people gave between $5,000 and $9,999:

Peter Bleyler & Ruth Z. Bleyler
David A. Brittenham & Carolyn Summers
George L. Chapman
Suzanne Clary
Carol T. des Cognets
Murray A. Goldstone
William F. Gratz & Jay Bruno
Howard E. Greenberg & Joanne Burke Greenberg
Michael L. Harney & Brigitte G. Harney
Vincent L. Herman
Matt Hintsa
Pulkit Kashyap
Estate of Bertha A. Lewis
Stephan Loewentheil & Beth Farber
Christopher J. Nolan & Suzanne M. Nolan
Cleve H. Packer & S. Michelle Packer
Joanne Pirret & Richard M. Pirret
Richard F. Rideout & Clara W. Rideout
William Blanchard Rideout
J. Allen Smith & Katherine D. Smith
James W. Spencer & Dorothy Dye Spencer

Director’s Circle

People who gave $10,000 or more

Cayuga Society

The Cayuga Society honors friends and alumni who establish planned gifts to the university or provide for Cornell in their wills. 


People who gave $500–$999.