Cornell Botanic Garden is the green paradise on Cornell campus. The herb garden, wild flower area, nut grove, oak grove, pinetum, the maple slope…are all parts of my sweetest memory after each visit. The walk from Beebe Lake leading to the Botanic Garden is a must tour for anyone who comes to Cornell for whatever reason and at any season. This must be one of the best college botanic gardens in the world, a league of its own. It is a serene hide out for everyone who appreciate the gift of Mother Nature.


After retiring from working at Financial Service industry for decades, I founded a tea distribution service to link tea growers to consumers. It is a non- profit organization where each dollar earned are given to environmental conservation causes. I visited many tea plantations in Asia and enjoyed meeting tea growers and sampled the freshest teas from newly harvested crops.
As a Cornell mom I enjoyed flying half way around the globe to visit my student for years and of course, made several visits to my favorite spot on campus, the Cornell Botanic Garden.