“Cornell Botanic Gardens nurtures plants, ecosystems, and their relationships with human cultures to lift my spirit and enlighten my curiosity. The Botanic Gardens opens my eyes wide to the importance of natural and cultural processes in making our world a more vibrant place in which to live.”


I am a forest ecologist, working to reduce the effects of climate change on plants and forests. I develop management strategies that will allow forests to adapt and thrive under changing conditions, and document the important role of natural areas in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere to reduce the impact of global warming.

To me, the Cornell Botanic Gardens is a unique and rare treasure that offers beautiful landscapes and exotic plants. Especially important are the natural areas, which provide a protected collection of ecosystems in which I and others can research the effects of changing climate and other altered conditions on the ability of habitats to stay healthy, vibrant, and rich in species.

My long association with Cornell Botanic Gardens includes being a member of its Natural Areas Committee, a former chair of its Advisory Council, and a long-time user of its natural resources in my research.  I enthusiastically work with the Gardens to advance the goals, achievements, and potential to educate people about the role of plants and their habitats to enhance the well-being of human cultural sustainability.