By Sarah Fiorello

Cornell Botanic Gardens embraces and actively works to increase diversity among all the communities with which we engage—Cornell students, faculty, and staff, visitors, supporters, its employees, and its plant collections. We envision a world where biological and cultural diversity are respected, sustained and celebrated. We cemented our commitment to that vision with our name change in 2016, and our new mission and vision that embrace biocultural diversity and conservation. Our Strategic Plan established a road map for our organization to lead public gardens and conservation stakeholders in advancing biological and cultural diversity through programs, initiatives, and priorities. 

Tangible steps Cornell Botanic Gardens has taken to achieve its diversity and inclusion goals include:

Progress toward a strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion is on-going, with an expected completion date of December 2022.  The plan will be informed by, and provide support to, the three main goals of our organizational Strategic Plan 2018-2023.