Apple Box

Eucalyptus bridgesiana Myrtaceae

Growth habit


Native distribution


Biocultural value

Foliage has the combined scent of eucalyptus and apples.


Robison Herb Garden

Source of plant



Tree to 22m. Bark rough, fibrous, flaky, tessellated, grey to grey-brown. Juvenile leaves opposite to subopposite, sessile to shortly petiolate, orbicular to broadly ovate, amplexicaul, crenulate, glaucous, concolorous; adult leaves 12-20 x 1.5-2.5cm, alternate, lanceolate or narrowly lanceolate, acuminate, dark green, concolorous, lateral veins distinct, at 25-40x, intramarginal vein up to 2mm from margin; petiole flattened to terete, 15-30mm. Conflorescences axillary, simple; umbels 7-flowered; peduncle terete or angular, 7-15mm; pedicels 2-5mm; buds ovoid, often apiculate. Fruit hemispherical, 5-7 x 4-7mm.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics

tender perennial, fragrance