Geum 'Alabama Slammer' Rosaceae

Growth habit



Long-lived polycarpic perennial


North Walk

Source of plant

Walters Gardens


The burgundy purple calyx opens to reveal ruffled, gold flowers with blazing red-orange markings and a gold center. Even the backs of the flowers are beautiful, being saturated red-orange with the contrasting purple leaves of the calyx. Semi-double and single flowers are produced, each measuring 1-1¼” wide. Deep burgundy purple stems carry the blooms from late spring into early summer (about a week later than ‘Mai Tai’). This plant forms a compact clump of attractive, slightly glossy, lighter green foliage, 11-14" tall. According to the breeder, it exhibits hybrid vigor and is more adaptable and longer lived than the older chiloense types.

USDA Hardiness Zone