Cornelian Cherry

Cornus mas Cornaceae

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Growth habit


Native distribution

Central & Southern Europe and Western Asia


Groundcover Collection, Zucker Shrub Collection, Zucker Shrub Collection

Source of plant

Michael Dosmann, Cornell University Campus, Robert Mower, Princeton Nurseries


Large multi-stemmed shrub or small tree of oval-rounded outline, usually branching to the ground, reaching 20' to 25' in height and 15' to 20' in width. Foliage dark green, somewhat glossy with poor fall color, the leaves usually falling while green, although they can assume purplish red color. Flowers yellow, borne in March, effective for three weeks, borne in short-stalked 3/4" diameter umbels. Fruit a bright, cherry-red, oblong, 5/8" long, 1/2" wide drupe, ripening in July, often hidden by the foliage. Bark exfoliating, flaky, often gray-brown to rich brown, rather attractive, but not as showy as C. officinalis.

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Special characteristics

flowering season, food