Flowering Cherry

Prunus 'Okame' Rosaceae

Growth habit





Cornell Class of 1923 Flowering Tree Collection

Source of plant

Princeton Nurseries, Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery


A small tree with masses of carmine-rose flowers opening throughout March (in southern England). Foliage attractively tinted in autumn. A.M. 1947; A.G.M. 1952 (DS 58). An upright-branching, oval-shaped tree reaching 25' in height and 20' in width. The foliage is fine-textured and of an attractive green. Fall color is varies from shades of yellow-orange to orange-red. 'Okame' is at its best in bloom, when it is covered with a solid display of clear pink flowers; it is an early blooming cherry. After the petals fall the floral display is continued by the bright red calyx.

Special characteristics

flowering season, fall color