Marsh Mallow

Althaea officinalis Malvaceae

Other names

White Mallow

Growth habit


Native distribution

Europe; Naturalized in Coastal Marshes of Eastern U.S.A.

Biocultural value

Long, thick roots produce a clear mucilage that has been used since ancient times as a mild expectorant and to soothe inflamed conditions of the intestinal and urinary tracts.


Robison Herb Garden

Source of plant

J.L. Hudson, Seedsman


Gray-velvety-pubescent perennial herb reaching 4' or more in height. Leaves broadly ovate to ovate, unlobed or shallowly 3- to 5-lobed; flowers solitary or clustered in the leaf axils, shorter than thesubtending leaf, bluish to pale rose, 1" to 2" across, calyx lobes clasping the fruit; mericarps pubescent,smooth, thin-walled.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics