Needle Juniper

Juniperus rigida Cupressaceae

Other names

Temple Juniper

Growth habit



Long-lived polycarpic perennial

Native distribution

Northern China, Korea, Japan, Russian Federation


Conifer Slope

Source of plant

Chase Brother's Nursery, Cornell Botanic Gardens


Shrub or a small tree, conical, 6 m high or more, branches brown-red to yellow-brown, wide spreading, arching, branchlets hanging "mane-like"; needles awl-shaped, in whorls of 3, outspread, stiff, with sharp tips, prickly, 15-25 mm long, to 1mm wide, deeply grooved above with a narrow white middle band,with a wide green margin, distinctly keeled and green beneath; fruits ripening the 2nd year, solitary globose, 6-8 mm thick, black-brown and pruinose, composed of 3 sclaes, with 2-3 seeds, these oblong and angular, with 3-4 resin pits; native to Korea and Manchuria; planted particularly near temples in Japan.

USDA Hardiness Zone