Pheasant Eye

Adonis amurensis Ranunculaceae

Growth habit


Native distribution

Manchuria, China, Japan


Groundcover Collection

Source of plant

George Slate


Perennial; rhizomes short, stout. Stems 5-15cm at anthesis, elongating to 40cm, occasionally branched above, with scarious brown scales. Cauline leaves developing after flowering, deltoid-ovate, to 10cm, pinnatisect, lobes lanciolate, dentate, glabrous or pubescent; petioles long, branched. Flowers 3-4cm diameter, sometimes double; sepals pale lilac, shorter than petals, glabrous or pubescent; petals 20-30, yellow, bronze outside, oblong-elliptic, obtuse, to 25x8mm. Achenes pubescent, 4-5mm, with adpressed curved beak. Winter-spring.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics

notable texture, flowering season