Wild Bergamot

Monarda fistulosa var. menthifolia 'Sweet' Lamiaceae

Growth habit




Biocultural value

Due to its high geraniol content, the foliage has an intense rose scent.


Palmer-Kinne Dogwood Collection, Robison Herb Garden

Source of plant

Richters, Well-Sweep Herb Farm


Perennial reaching 4' in height, sometimes pubescent above; leaves ovate-lanceolate to broadly ovate, to 4" long, acute to acuminate, weakly serrate to nearly entire, generally pubescent, petioles over 1/4" long; flowers usually solitary, terminal, headlike verticillasters; calyx to 3/8" long, hirsute in the throat, teeth bristly; corolla to 1 1/4" long, bright lavender, pubescent outside; summer blooming. (DS 3) This variety is found in western North America. Plants contain up to 91 to 93% geraniol in the essential oil.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics

other ethnobotanical uses, fragrance