Moujean Tea

Nashia inaguensis Verbenaceae

Other names

Bahamas Berry, Pineapple Verbena

Growth habit



Cultivated as annual

Native distribution

E. Carribean Islands

Biocultural value

Native to the Bahamas, the aromatic, citrus-floral scented foliage lends a subtle vanilla flavor to herbal teas.


Robison Herb Garden

Source of plant



An evergreen, loose, spreading shrub with many branches up to 2m high, with mature trunks of 5-10cm diameter. The leaves are aromatic, simple, opposite (or fascicled), elliptic to obovate or spatulate, 5-10mm long, with revolute margins. The flowerheads are axillary, sessile, few-flowered, with a strigose calyx; the corolla is whitish, about 2mm long, four-lobed, and with four stamens. The fragrant foliage and tiny white flowers are highly attractive to pollinators, in particular the Atala butterfly.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics

tender perennial, food