Tulip Tree

Liriodendron tulipifera Magnoliaceae

Other names

Tulip Poplar, Whitewood

Growth habit



Long-lived polycarpic perennial

Native distribution

Native to the Finger Lakes Region, MA to WI, South to FL and Ms


Mundy Wildflower Garden, Urban Tree Collection, Groundcover Collection, Coy Glen, Fischer Old-growth Forest, Ringwood Ponds, South Hill Swamp

Source of plant

William J. Hamilton, Princeton Nurseries, Wayside Gardens, Edgewood Nursery, Forrest Keeling Nursery, Glenn Bucien, Bill Schneider, Ruth Nix


Plants 70' to 90' in height, 35' to 50' in width; can attain 150' in height. Somewhat pyramidal habit inyouth, maturing to oval-rounded with several large sinuous branches constituting the framework; in thewild often free of branches for 70% to 80% of its height with only a narrow ovoid canopy at the upperreaches. Fall color golden yellow or yellow. Flowers perfect with 6 greenish-yellow petals in 2 rows, 3sepals, interior of the corolla an orangish color, solitary, borne in May to early June, often high in thetree.

USDA Hardiness Zone