Tucson, Arizona

I grew up in Ithaca.   We splashed in the shallows of Flat Rock, sailed on the lake, dove into the pool at Enfield, skated on Beebe and warmed up  with cocoa from Johnny Parson’s.   We were mesmerized by what poured out of the paper mill at the foot of Fall Creek (well before the EPA!).   We walked in Cascadilla Gorge, and tiptoed across the swinging bridge.   If I gave any of this any thought at all, it was that the world is a beautiful place, because this was the world as I knew it.


As an undergraduate, Flat Rock and Sackett Bridge were the scenes of Weeds Parties (the less said, the better).   Opposite Beebe were the “Rose Gardens” where we often walked en route back to Clara Dickson.   At some point, a degree of maturity set in , perhaps bolstered by being far removed from Ithaca, and I realized the magnificence and uniqueness of the geology of Ithaca, as well as the stunning beauty of the Cornell campus perched on its eastern shoulder.
Between then and now I have lived full time in Australia and part-time now in the Arizona desert.   Over the years, I have spent a fair bit of time working in the not-for-profit sector at various levels.   Whatever these various experiences have taught me I hope will allow me to contribute in some way to the Cornell Botanic Gardens by way of its Advisory Council.