From gorge hikes to garden strolls, Cornell Botanic Gardens is yours to explore.

Whatever your particular interest or time frame, here are our recommendations for things to see and do during your visit.

Learn From our Plants

Learn from our plant tags and other interpretive labels throughout the gardens.

Gorges and Waterfalls

Where to find the gorges and waterfalls of Cornell Botanic Gardens that make Ithaca “gorges.” 

Garden Inspiration

Where we recommend visiting for gardening inspiration.

Visiting on a Time Limit

Only have an hour or two? Here’s what we suggest.

Seasonal Highlights

Our gardens and natural areas offer beauty and interest throughout the year.

Self-guided Tours

Use your mobile device to explore and learn more about Cornell Botanic Gardens

Explore Trails

Hiking, running, and cross-country skiing are just a few ways to take it outside at Cornell Botanic Gardens.

Explore Wetlands

Where to find peat bogs, vernal pools, marshes, fens, swamps, and more.

Experience Old-growth Forest

Where to visit to experience stands of trees that existed before European settlers arrived here.

Wildlife Watching

Enjoy wildlife watching? Find the best spots.

Family Fun

Visiting with family? Check out these spots to make your family visit extra fun! 

Art at Cornell Botanic Gardens

Explore rotating exhibits and permanent outdoor installations.

Scenic Sitting Spots

Looking for a scenic spot to sit and reflect? Find the best spots.

Sustainable Features

Sustainable gardening and landscape practices are showcased throughout  
Cornell Botanic Gardens.  

Native Plant and Pollinator Gardens

Where to visit for inspiration on using native plants and making your garden pollinator friendly.