In the lobby of the Nevin Welcome Center, works of art and plant-focused displays change throughout the year.

Welcome Center Hours

Don’t Forget Us: The Plight of the Hemlock and Ash Trees

View limited edition stone, plate, and photo lithographs by students in Cornell University's Introduction to Print Media class of Professor Gregory Page.

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Chia, Amaranth, and Quinoa: From Ancient Seeds to “Superfoods”

What were once staple foods for ancient civilizations from Mexico to South America, these “pseudograins” are being rediscovered for their contribution to a healthy diet, eco-friendly cultivation techniques, cultural importance, and gluten-free status.

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Past Exhibits

Explore plants indispensable to cultures around the world.


White Pine: Tree of Peace

The white pine is a powerful cultural symbol of peace to the Haudenosaunee.


Chocolate: A Tasty Transformation

Chocolate's history is as rich as its taste.


Peppers Around the World

Cultivated peppers traveled from Central and South America to quickly make their way around the globe.