In the lobby of the Nevin Welcome Center, works of art and plant-focused displays change throughout the year.

Welcome Center Hours

"Traces" by Emma Ulen-Klees

These embossings serve as an homage to the absence of an increasing number of this region's flora from their botanic communities.

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Ash Trees: A Story of Relationships, Loss, and Hope

Created by graduate student Bailee Hopkins-Hensley, this exhibit showcases how this invasive pest has upset the intricate relationships ash trees have with the world around them and how the loss of these trees has impacted Haudenosaunee communities, Indigenous people to this area.

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Past Exhibits

Explore plants indispensable to cultures around the world.


Chia, Amaranth, and Quinoa

From Ancient Seeds to Superfoods


White Pine: Tree of Peace

The white pine is a powerful cultural symbol of peace to the Haudenosaunee.


Peppers Around the World

Cultivated peppers traveled from Central and South America to quickly make their way around the globe.