The Learning by Leading (LxL) program is a network of student-led teams —supported by Cornell Botanic Gardens’ staff and resources —that are passionate about environmental issues, skilled in collaboration and communication, and capable of adapting to and overcoming challenges.

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Learning by Leading Teams

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Sustainable Landscape Team Member

Gain experience in designing, developing, installing, restoring, and maintaining sustainable landscapes.

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Horticultural Enterprises Team Member

Gain experience in gardening tasks while learning about Botanic Gardens’ plant collections and plant production and care.

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Garden Ambassadors

This team is dedicated to outreach, engagement, and informal education.

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Internship Program

Our summer internship program provides an educational and work experience involving hands-on training that builds on classroom learning.

Graduate Study

A one-year Masters of Professional Studies degree program for individuals interested in leading botanical gardens, arboreta, and similar organizations.

Cornell Engagement

We offer opportunities for Cornell faculty, staff and students to engage with us.