How we conserve plants and cultures 

We are engaged in numerous efforts to conserve plants and the cultures that sustain them.  Our staff are working hard to understand, protect and conserve the plants of our region and are working with conservationists around the world to safeguard global biodiversity. 

Biocultural Conservation

The loss of the world’s cultural diversity is linked to the loss of global plant biodiversity from habitat loss, climate change, and invasive species.  We are working to stem the loss of biodiversity and cultural diversity. 

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Biodiversity Conservation

We stem the loss of biodiversity and cultural diversity by conserving rare and endangered plants, preserving regional diversity, controlling invasive species, and collaborating with national and international organizations. 

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Conservation efforts  

Our efforts range from sustainable land management and resource conservation to specific control activities. 

Sustainability Here and at Home

Cornell Botanic Gardens is committed to sustainable landscape practices and resource conservation.

Invasive Species Control

A key part of conserving native plant diversity is through the control of invasive species.

Deer Management Program

We protect and restore our natural areas through ongoing deer management.

Volunteer to Conserve Plants

Work with our skilled staff to conserve plants in our 3,600 acres of natural areas and cultivated gardens.