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Each spring, area third grade classes visit the Mundy Wildflower Garden for an in-depth discovery of native spring wildflowers. Before their visit, our staff and volunteers come to each class to guide hands-on activities to learn parts of a plant and their life cycle.

We offer these activities, videos, and tips to help you explore native spring wildflowers in woodlands near you or during a visit to Cornell Botanic Gardens.

Start Your Exploration Here

This five-minute video explains the parts of a plant and what they need to survive.

Introductory Video

More videos and activities

Click on an image below to view a short video, then complete an activity to learn more.

Phenomenal Photosynthesis

Learn how plants make their own food.

Wildflowers Underground

What parts of the plant grow underground? Learn more about the parts you don't typically get to see.

Wildflower Dissection

Learn about the different parts of a flower and then dissect one on your own.

The Life Cycle of a Wildflower

Learn the life cycle of a plant and the difference between annual, perennial, and biennial plant life cycles.

Make your own nature journal

A great way to grow your understanding of nature is by keeping a nature journal.

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More about spring wildflowers

Here is a sample of the many wildflowers that grow in woodlands in spring. To get familiar with what you might see, click on each image below to learn more.


Sanguinaria canadensis

Carolina Spring Beauty

Claytonia caroliniana

Dutchman’s Breeches

Dicentra cucullaria

Virtual Tour

View this slide show to tour of the Mundy Wildflower Garden, which includes questions encouraging kids to share about the flowers they studied.

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