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Why the Norway spruce is ‘an excellent choice’ for Rockefeller Center, but maybe not for your home

Cut and moved indoors for decoration, Norway Spruce lose their sharp needles easily if not properly cared for and are mostly middle of the road with other traits like color, fragrance, and branch rigidity for ornament support.

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Best Performers and Favorites From Cornell University’s 2019 Plant Trials

The inaugural year of plant trials at the Cornell Botanic Gardens drew thousands of visitors, hundreds of whom took the opportunity to vote on their favorites of the approximately 150 cultivars trialed in in-ground beds.

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Student Stewards Help Protect Gorge Visitors

Student gorge stewards observe at least 300 visitors a day in summer, offering vital opportunities to educate visitors on safe use, rules and alternatives to illegal behavior, like swimming or leaving marked trails.

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Nature, our Intrinsic Healer

As little as 10 to 20 minutes in nature two to three times a week can positively impact people’s mental.

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The Loss of Ash Trees Could Change History

The Cornell Botanic Garden exhibit “Ash Trees: A Story of Relationships, Loss and Hope” delves into the effects of the invasive Emerald Ash Borer in North America. Because of the beetle, ash trees have been dying at rapid rates and as a result Indigenous tribes’ traditions could also disappear.

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New Cayuga language class focuses on nature, culture

Cornell Botanic Gardens hosts a traditional Cayuga garden planted from heirloom seeds from the Cayuga Lake region

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State of the Art

Take a photographic tour of Cornell’s sculptures featuring four within our gardens and arboretum in this article written for the Cornell Alumni Magazine.

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Inaugural Course on Cayuga Language and Culture Starts This Fall

A heritage garden planted at Cornell Botanic Gardens will be used to educate about the relationship of language and culture to plants.

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Stepping It Up: ‘Stewards’ help make Ithaca’s gorges safer for all

Gorge stewards patrol the trails in Cornell Botanic Gardens’ most-popular natural areas, educating the public about potential dangers and acting as friendly ambassadors.

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Bailee Hopkins- Hensley ’18, MPS ’19: Connecting people to plants

Bailee Hopkins-Hensley is passionate about exploring the connections that humans have to plants—especially the connections that indigenous communities have to the species that sustain them. Hopkins-Hensley, who earned her MPS in Public Garden Management in May 2019, is mounting an exhibit to showcase the relationships that ash trees have with the world around them at the Nevin Welcome Center of Cornell Botanic Gardens.

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Ithaca Is . . . Summer!

Cornell Alumni Magazine offers ‘161 Things’ to do when the weather’s warm—on the Hill and beyond. From “marveling at the blooms,” to resting under the pergola in the F.R. Newman Arboretum, to strolling around Beebe Lake, Cornell Botanic Gardens makes the list four times.

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Science, diversity celebrated at CALS Day

Cornell Chronicle–May 1, 2019
The celebration showcased college programs with impacts in communities both locally and around the world, including Cornell Botanic Gardens.

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5 Charming Vacation Spots on the East Coast You Need to Visit

Best Travel Tale and—April 18, 2019

Director Christopher Dunn on the power of plants

Center for Plant Conservation—October 29, 2018
Our director talks to the Center for Plant Conservation. “By engaging people to see the beauty in the diversity of the plant world and of the human/cultural world, we are sowing seeds of hope. That is what will ultimately save plants.”

Botanic Buzzline Project Aims to Create Flower Pathway for Bees

Cornell Daily Sun—October 23, 2018
A flower path from the Cornell Dairy Bar to Cornell Botanic Gardens serves pollinators and people.

Ithaca NY: Do Go Chasing Waterfalls

Getaway Mavens—October 18, 2018
Travel writer Malerie Yolen-Cohen shares the joys of her two-day adventure in Cornell Botanic Gardens’ natural areas, gardens, and arboretum, along with other Finger Lakes sites.

Picnics and Sunsets

Cornell Daily Sun—October 4, 2018
A Cornell student shares how Cornell Botanic Gardens’ Todd Bittner dramatically changed her perspective. On a guided hike in Fall Creek Gorge, she learned that “ten minutes [in nature] was enough to completely change your brain chemistry.”

Judy’s Day Family Learning Festival — Plants have families too!

WHCU—September 27, 2018
Raylene Ludgate, youth education coordinator, gives listeners a preview of Judy’s Day and the 85 interactive learning stations that connect people and plants.

Tang Welcome Center dedicated as Cornell’s new ‘front door’

Cornell Chronicle—September 19, 2018
Cornell Botanic Gardens and its Beebe Lake natural area were acknowledged as key to creating the “perfect front door” for Cornell University.

Water World: A look at the past, present, and future of CU’s iconic Beebe Lake

Cornell Alumni Magazine—September/October 2018
This article looks at the past, present, and future of iconic Beebe Lake and calls out its connections to culture and the university. Christopher Dunn, executive director of Cornell Botanic Gardens, and Todd Bittner, director of natural areas, contributed.

Botanical Adventurers, with Dan Stone

WHCU—September 20, 2018
Dan Stone, author and contributor to National Geographic Magazine, talks about the botanists who traveled the world to bring variety to U.S. tables. Stone was a speaker in Cornell Botanic Gardens’ Fall Lecture series.

Day of Caring draws attention to local needs

Cornell Chronicle—September 20, 2018
The F.R. Newman Arboretum hosted Cornell’s Homecoming 5K, with proceeds benefiting the Cornell United Way Campaign.

Chef Sean Sherman discusses Indigenous Foods at Cornell Botanic Gardens lecture series

WRFI—September 4, 2018
Sean Sherman, founder/CEO of The Sioux Chef, talks to WRFI about indigenous food systems in a feature that aired in advance of his lecture as part of the Fall Lecture Series.

Painting on a living canvas: Summer internship reveals creative beauty at Cornell Botanic Gardens

CornellCALS—September 4, 2018
Alex Schaef ’20, describes his summer internship at Cornell Botanic Gardens and how it inspired him to create art daily and potentially as his career.

The Discovery Trail — Examining wildflowers at the Cornell Botanic Gardens

Tompkins Weekly—August 27, 2018
Raylene Ludgate, youth education coordinator, goes in-depth on the impact of Wildflower Explorations, Cornell Botanic Gardens’ educational program for area third graders.

Climate Change Garden featured on The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel—August 16, 2017
Sonja Skelly of Cornell Botanic Gardens, was interviewed about the striking discoveries being made in the Climate Change Garden.

Cornell Botanic Gardens featured in The Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor—August 15, 2017
Our Climate Change Garden is featured in this story “Sowing common ground: Botanical gardens tell the story of climate change.”

The New York Times Discovers Cornell Botanic Gardens

The New York Times—June 8, 2017
In its “36 Hours in the Finger Lakes” travel feature, The New York Times made Cornell Botanic Gardens its first stop, calling it a “treat in early summer.”

2008-2018 Program Summary

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