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Explore how we made an impact and worked toward our mission in 2019.

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5 Charming Vacation Spots on the East Coast You Need to Visit

Best Travel Tale and—April 18, 2019

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Dryden rail trail task force awarded $1.5M

Cortland Standard—April 25, 2019

Todd Bittner is quoted on new sections of the Dryden Rail-Trail, which will connect Cornell Botanic Gardens’ natural areas across 16 miles.

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Dryden Rail Trail project gets $1.5 million award

Ithaca Voice—April 25, 2019

When completed, the Dryden Rail Trail will connect three of Cornell Botanic Gardens’ natural areas, across 16 miles apart, and span Tompkins County.

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4-H hosts 19th annual rubber duck race

The Ithacan—April 30, 2019

Cornell Botanic Gardens co-sponsored Cornell Cooperative Extension’s annual fundraiser along the Cascadilla Gorge trail.

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Science, Diversity Celebrated at Cornell CALS Day

New York Ag Connection—May 3, 2019

Sponsored by the Dean’s office of CALS, the celebration showcased college programs with impacts in communities both locally and around the world, including Cornell Botanic Gardens 

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Science, diversity celebrated at CALS Day

Cornell Chronicle–May 1, 2019
The celebration showcased college programs with impacts in communities both locally and around the world, including Cornell Botanic Gardens.

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Digital publishing innovator eases access to Cornell material

Cornell Chronicle—May 1, 2019

A new digital repository includes botanical drawings of plants in Cornell Botanic Gardens’ collections. 

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$1.5M grant will link Dryden and Cornell trails

Cornell Chronicle—May 2, 2019

The Town of Dryden was awarded a $1.5 million grant to help build a critical section of the 10.5-mile Dryden Rail Trail. Todd Bittner led grant writing for the project. 


$1.5M grant will link Dryden and Cornell trails

Cornell Chronicle—May 2, 2019

When the rail trail is completed, pedestrians, runners and bicyclists from the Cornell, Varna, Etna, Freeville and Dryden communities will have access to more than 20 continuous miles of non-motorized, off-street trails.

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Cornell Annual Trials Program

Westside News (Greece, NY)—May 6, 2019

The Annual Trial gardens in front of the Nevin Welcome Center are recommended for those “looking for inspiration as you plan this year’s garden.”

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Sam Fleming ’62, trustee emeritus, dies at 78

Cornell Chronicle—May 7, 2019

Cornell Botanic Gardens is among the organizations supported by the late Sam Fleming. 

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Rail-trail section opens

Cortland Standard—May 13, 2019

Todd Bittner, director of natural areas, led grant writing to secure a $1.5-million New York State Department of Transportation Department grant for the Dryden Rail Trail.

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New signs highlight gorge dangers, delights

Cornell Chronicle—May 14, 2019

This article outlines the numerous initiatives that help visitors safely enjoy gorge trails and other natural areas. 

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New Signs and Trail Guides at Cornell University

WENY News—May 20, 2019

Todd Bittner, director of natural areas, is interviewed about safely enjoying gorges, and new signs in the Beebe Lake and other natural areas are highlighted. 

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Bailee Hopkins- Hensley ’18, MPS ’19: Connecting people to plants

Cornell AAD—June 28, 2019

Bailee Hopkins-Hensley is passionate about exploring the connections that humans have to plants—especially the connections that indigenous communities have to the species that sustain them. Hopkins-Hensley, who earned her MPS in Public Garden Management in May 2019, is mounting an exhibit to showcase the relationships that ash trees have with the world around them at the Nevin Welcome Center of Cornell Botanic Gardens.

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Towering ‘Double Allium’ installed at Botanic Gardens

Cornell Chronicle—June 12, 2019

A towering new sculpture welcomes visitors to Cornell Botanic Gardens: “Double Allium,” made of metal and glass, stands 12 feet tall and sits along the walkway to the Nevin Welcome Center. 

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Top 10 things to do in Ithaca, Finger Lakes this week

Ithaca Journal—July 3, 2019

Garden tours are highlighted in this holiday-weekend roundup.

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Ithaca Is . . . Summer!

Cornell Alumni Magazine—August/September, 2019

Cornell Alumni Magazine offers ‘161 Things’ to do when the weather’s warm—on the Hill and beyond. From “marveling at the blooms,” to resting under the pergola in the F.R. Newman Arboretum, to strolling around Beebe Lake, Cornell Botanic Gardens makes the list four times.

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Cornell’s Floriculture Field Days

Green Profit—July 1, 2019

Cornell’s Floriculture Field Day and Annual Trials Program—both hosted by Cornell Botanic Gardens—was covered on this website for the commercial nursery industry.

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Things to Do, July 31-Aug. 23

Cornell Chronicle—July 31, 2019

Cornell Botanic Gardens hosted Flowers After Hours: A Garden Cocktail Party, August 1, 2019, in the Robison York State Herb Garden.

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Stepping It Up: ‘Stewards’ help make Ithaca’s gorges safer for all

Cornell Alumni Magazine—July/August 2019

Gorge safety and the gorge steward program are profiled in this “Cornelliana” feature.

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New to campus? Discover Cornell’s rich history

Cornell Chronicle—August 22, 2019

Cornell Botanic Gardens’ arboretum, cultivated gardens, Nevin Welcome Center, and exhibits are among “not-to-be-missed” campus activities.

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Gifts to Cornell continue record-breaking trend

Cornell Chronicle—August 28, 2019

Recent alumni gifts added 2,770 new plants to Cornell Botanic Gardens.

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Cornell Botanic Gardens kicks of fall lecture series with journey into Hundred Acre Wood

The Ithaca Voice—September 10, 2019

In the first event of Cornell Botanic Gardens’ Fall Lecture Series, author Kathryn Aalto discussed her book, “The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh: A Walk Through the Forest That Inspired the Hundred Acre Wood.”

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Inaugural Course on Cayuga Language and Culture Starts This Fall

Cornell Daily Sun—September 10, 2019

Cornell Botanic Gardens is hosting two plantings as part of a new class that focuses on basic language instruction and immersion in Cayuga culture, such as the relationship of language and culture to plants and their central role in the Iroquois ceremonial calendar.

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Experts: Autumn approaching, but don’t neglect your garden

Palladium-Times (Oswego, NY)—September 12, 2019

Integrated Pest Management Specialist Zaidee Powers writes on ways to introduce sustainable management practices in the fall garden. 

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Native Plants Shine in Streambank Restoration

Ecological Landscape Alliance—September 16, 2019

Krissy Boys, curator of the Mundy Wildflower Garden, writes on a five-year project that used native plants to stabilize the bank along Fall Creek.

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Go For An Exciting Walk Along New York’s Fall Creek Suspension Bridge

Only in Your State—September 22, 2019

This photo blog invites readers to the suspension bridge over Fall Creek. “This one bridge is bound to make your stomach drop.”

New Garden

New ‘Botanic Buzzline’ trail connects people, pollinators

Cornell Chronicle—September 11, 2019

The Botanic Buzzline is a 380-foot-long flowering pathway initiated by students to help pollinating insects navigate fragmented green spaces. Come to the grand opening on Sept. 14.

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New ‘Botanic Buzzline’ trail connects people, pollinators

Finger Lakes Times—September 23, 2019

The Botanic Buzzline, a 380-foot-long, flower-lined pathway developed by students to help pollinating insects navigate fragmented green spaces, opened September 14 in Cornell Botanic Gardens. 

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Homecoming to feature fireworks, football, fun for all

Cornell Chronicle—September 24, 2019

Cornell’s Homecoming Weekend featured a 5K-run in the F.R. Newman Arboretum at Cornell Botanic Gardens.

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State of the Art

Cornell Alumni Magazine—September/October 2019

Take a photographic tour of Cornell’s sculptures featuring four within our gardens and arboretum in this article written for the Cornell Alumni Magazine.

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New Cayuga language class focuses on nature, culture

Cornell Chronicle—October 10,2019

Cornell Botanic Gardens hosts a traditional Cayuga garden planted from heirloom seeds from the Cayuga Lake region

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Best Performers and Favorites From Cornell University’s 2019 Plant Trials—October 30, 2019

The inaugural year of plant trials at the Cornell Botanic Gardens drew thousands of visitors, hundreds of whom took the opportunity to vote on their favorites of the approximately 150 cultivars trialed in in-ground beds.


Eight faculty members receive Weiss teaching awards

Cornell Chronicle—October 18,2019

Courtney Roby, associate professor, department of classics, and a Cornell Botanic Gardens Faculty Fellow was honored with Cornell University’s most prestigious teaching award.

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Go ‘Wild at Cornell’ with artist, plant stylist Hilton Carter

Cornell Chronicle—October 2, 2019

Baltimore-based artist, designer, and plant stylist Hilton Carter headlined “Wild at Cornell” week, which included a 1,000-plant-giveaway to students, indoor plant sale, and plant-care workshop. 

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Two dozen Engaged Faculty Fellows announced

Cornell Chronicle—October 2, 2019

Sonja Skelly, director of education and communications, is one of 24 faculty members, representing six colleges and the Cornell University Library, who make up the 2019-20 cohort of the Engaged Faculty Fellowship Program.

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The Loss of Ash Trees Could Change History

Ithaca Week—October 21, 2019

The Cornell Botanic Garden exhibit “Ash Trees: A Story of Relationships, Loss and Hope” delves into the effects of the invasive Emerald Ash Borer in North America. Because of the beetle, ash trees have been dying at rapid rates and as a result Indigenous tribes’ traditions could also disappear.

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Dahlia Flower Consumer Favorite at Annual Plant Trials Program in Cornell Botanic Gardens

Cornell Daily Sun—November 7, 2019

Cornell Botanic Gardens and the university’s horticulture section partnered to bring trials of new blooming annuals to the botanic gardens in summer 2019.

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Student Stewards Help Protect Gorge Visitors

Cornell Daily Sun—November 25, 2019

Student gorge stewards observe at least 300 visitors a day in summer, offering vital opportunities to educate visitors on safe use, rules and alternatives to illegal behavior, like swimming or leaving marked trails.


10-year study provides model for deer management strategies

Cornell Chronicle—November 14, 2019

New research from Cornell tested the efficacy of typical urban deer management practices in controlling over-population of deer and their impacts on ecosystems.

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Why the Norway spruce is ‘an excellent choice’ for Rockefeller Center, but maybe not for your home

Rockland/Westchester Journal News—November 7, 2019

Cut and moved indoors for decoration, Norway Spruce lose their sharp needles easily if not properly cared for and are mostly middle of the road with other traits like color, fragrance, and branch rigidity for ornament support.

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Nature, our Intrinsic Healer

Cornell Research—2019

As little as 10 to 20 minutes in nature two to three times a week can positively impact people’s mental.