We offer tours, workshops, lectures, webinars, and more to provide meaningful opportunities for people to learn about plants and how essential they are to our lives and our well-being. Please read our cancellation policy here.

There are also ways to explore our gardens and grounds using our self-guided tour options.

Self-guided tour

Dec 3, 2023: Exhibit: Cultivators of Celebration at Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

This display pays homage to the remarkable individuals who nurture and safeguard the rich heritage associated with the plants showcased in “Seeds of Survival and Celebration” exhibition. These cultivators stand as living connectors to the historical roots of Black plant tr [...]

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Dec 22, 2023: Plants and the Winter Solstice at Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

As the sun reaches its lowest arc in our sky, signaling the longest night (and shortest daytime) of the year, come join us for a special tour of the Mullestein Winter Garden. Learn how some plants cope with winter’s cold, discover a variety of plants with winter beauty, and [...]

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Past Events


Verdant Views: Global Climate Stories, 2023

In honor of Earth Day 2023, current Fellows in Cornell University’s Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program share stories of the challenges they face in their home countries.


Verdant Views: Capturing Carbon: Nature-Based Solutions to the Climate Crisis

This episode explores how much carbon the Botanic Gardens’ Natural Areas and other Cornell forests are capturing.

Recorded Event

Beebe Lake: Past, Present, and Future

In this special program, learn about Beebe Lake’s ever-changing habitat and its permanent place in Cornell’s social and natural environment, with historian Corey Ryan Earle ’07  and Director of Natural Areas Todd Bittner. Hosted by the Class of 1966.