We offer a wide variety of educational programs for people of all ages throughout the year, including guided tours, gardening workshops, botanical art classes, lectures, and special events.

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Oct 21, 2019: Mindful Monday Garden Walk at Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

Join Cornell Botanic Gardens staff for the final installment of our Mindful Monday series. While exploring various paths and gardens, we will practice mindfulness by dedicating our attention to the present moment and fully observing and appreciating the amazing plant transf [...]

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Oct 23, 2019: Volunteer Opportunities with Cornell Botanic Gardens at Cornell Botanic Gardens

Interested in volunteering in the gardens, but not available during the workday? Become a volunteer and join us for evening summer sessions on Wednesdays, 4-6 pm, July 10 - Oct. 30. Unwind from your day, learn about plants, and help contribute to keeping the gardens beauti [...]

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Oct 25, 2019: Lecture: Mexica/Aztec Connections to Plants & Foods at Alice Statler Auditorium

Audrey O’Connor Lecture Mexica/Aztec Connections to Plants & Foods -Michael Heralda, Storyteller, Musician, and Cultural Presenter Be prepared to experience the wondrous world of the Mexica/Aztec people in an intimate and personal lecture by artist and musician Michael [...]

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Oct 26, 2019: Chocolatada! at Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

Celebrate chocolate through history with tastings and hands-on activities. Come experience the rich story of chocolate starting from a tree; learn how it grows and how cacao seeds are processed to become lusciously smooth chocolate. Sample diverse chocolates as you travel t [...]

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Nov 11, 2019: Inhabiting Gardens: A Story Showcase at Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

Join us for a special program of creative works – presented over two evenings – by students in Cornell’s Freshman Writing Seminar, “Writing and Community Service: Inhabiting Gardens”. Over the course of the fall semester, students explored the question, “what’s in a garden [...]

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Nov 16, 2019: Make an Evergreen Wreath at Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

Evergreen wreaths, symbolizing eternity and the circle of life, have been an important part of winter holiday celebrations since ancient times. Come to the Nevin Welcome Center and make a lovely wreath to decorate your home for the holidays! We’ll have hot cocoa and cookies [...]

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Dec 4, 2019: Lecture: Coloring the Conservation Conversation at Alice Statler Auditorium

Elizabeth E. Rowley Lecture Coloring the Conservation Conversation -J. Drew Lanham, Ph.D., Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Clemson University and recipient of the Dan W. Lufkin Prize for Environmental Leadership by the National Audubon Society Lanham w [...]

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Dec 20, 2019: Winter Solstice Garden Tour at Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

As the sun approaches its lowest arc in the sky on the shortest day of the year, join us for a look at the plants of the Mullestein Family Winter Garden. Learn how plants cope with winter’s cold and enjoy some seasonal plant folklore. After the tour, savor some hot cocoa in [...]

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Dec 20, 2019: Plants and Stories of the Winter Solstice at Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

Since ancient times, the winter solstice has been celebrated by cultures around the world as a sacred, festive time. Plants such as oak, holly, ivy, mistletoe, and evergreens have long been a crucial part of these celebrations. Discover the natural history and folklore of t [...]

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