We offer tours, workshops, lectures, webinars, and more to providing meaningful opportunities for people to learn about plants and how essential they are to our lives and our well-being.

There are also ways to explore our gardens and grounds using our self-guided tour options.

Self-guided tour

Jul 9, 2022: Daylily Day: Plant Sale

The season of daylilies is upon us! These attractive flowers, popular among garden enthusiasts and horticulturists, are sought after because of their resilient and flourishing nature. Come join us in the vast selection of daylilies, located in the Zucker Shrub Collection in [...]

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Jul 9, 2022: Garden Highlights Tour at Cornell Botanic Gardens

Take a relaxing stroll with a Garden Guide through the gardens around the Nevin Welcome Center and discover the beauty and diversity of our cultivated plant collections. Visit the Robison Herb Garden, Young Flower Garden, Bowers Rhododendron Collection, Shady Groundcover Co [...]

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Jul 15, 2022: Mindful Botany Walk at Cornell Botanic Gardens

Join Cornell Botanic Gardens staff to observe the beauty and drama of nature unfolding on monthly nature walks. While exploring various paths and gardens each month, we will practice mindfulness by dedicating our attention to the present moment and fully observing and appre [...]

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Past Events


Verdant Views: Bittersweet Chocolate

This webinar discussed the ethics of global chocolate production and the major problems that impact the cacao industry.


Verdant Views: Anti-racism in the Outdoors

How to make natural spaces more open and welcoming to people of color.


Verdant Views: Linking Art and Nature Through Education

How our gardens and natural areas used to enrich student learning through the intersection of nature and art