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Our collection of natural areas represent the full range of ecological habitats found in the Finger Lakes Region, including a broad range of wetland habitats. Wetlands provide habitat for a diversity of plants and animals and are important for research and teaching at Cornell and beyond.  

Visit these natural areas to explore wetlands of the Finger Lakes Region: 

Ringwood Natural Area: Glacially-carved permanent and vernal ponds, and wooded swamps 

Purvis Road Wetlands Natural Area: Sphagnum-heath peat bog, marsh, shrub swamp and red maple swamp. View a bird’s-eye view of this biodiverse natural area in this short video.

Bluegrass Lane Meadow and Bull Pasture Ponds: Swamp white oak swamp, red maple swamp, shrub swamp. 

Cayuga Marsh: Part of a large, nearly pure cattail marsh at the north end of Cayuga Lake.

Ellis Hollow Wetlands: Swamp forest, shrub swamp, small patches of rich fen, wet meadow and marsh are all found here.

Lighthouse Point: One of the few remaining areas of floodplain forests and marsh that once dominated the mouth of Cayuga Lake.

McDaniel Meadow, Woods, and Swamp: Includes an undisturbed swamp forest, part the largest swamps in Tompkins County as well as a small marsh.

Turkey Hill Road Meadow: A good example of a wet meadow and is uncommon in the local area.