“Cornell Botanic Gardens is the crown jewel in an already gorgeous university setting. I am motivated to support the Botanic Gardens in order to help promote and maintain the natural beauty and activity options it provides.”


I am an extension specialist in nutrition and have spent over 40 years providing continuing education for nutrition and health practitioners, most recently in the form of online professional development. I have focused on topics ranging from malnutrition and stunting in children in developing countries to obesity prevention in the U.S.

I have been a student or faculty member at four land-grant universities (UC Davis, Oregon State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Cornell University), and my work has always been focused on the outreach mission. Being on the Botanic Gardens’ Advisory Council provides another way for me to support Cornell’s outreach mission by promoting the gardens’ educational and outreach programs to students, the local community, and beyond.

As a nutritionist, I’m aware of the need to balance energy intake with energy output, and Cornell Botanic Gardens, especially its natural areas, provide so many opportunities for people to be active. In addition, the gardens offer examples of how cultures have combined nutritional needs with the botanical world to develop an amazing array of diverse cuisines.