“Some of my most distinct Cornell memories are of the Fall Creek Gorge suspension bridge, which I walked over for three years in every type of weather, each season offering a dramatic interpretation of this scene of geologic and engineering wonder.  Cornell Botanic Gardens’ gorges are the most unique physical characteristic of the Cornell campus, and I’m inspired to participate in their stewardship as the ‘essential’ Cornell experience.”


I am the chief operating officer and chief landscape architect of the Central Park Conservancy, leading the work central to the organization’s mission of stewardship of this National Historic Landmark and the world’s pre-eminent urban park. I have served as chief landscape architect since 1996 and provide leadership to a multidisciplinary in-house team of planning and design professionals. I also oversee an operations and maintenance staff of horticulturists and technicians and staff responsible for visitor services.
During my 30-year tenure at the Conservancy, I have overseen a program of reconstruction valued at more than $250 million that includes projects such as the Great Lawn, the North Meadow, Bethesda Terrace, all five of the park’s water bodies, and the on-going restoration of the Woodlands. Lately I find myself continually more involved in fundraising, as the majority of the park’s $70 million annual budget is amassed through philanthropy.
I was designated a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2014 for exceptional accomplishment in planning and design.