“Over the past 44 years during which I have called the Ithaca area my home, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of Cornell Botanic Gardens and have watched it develop
and thrive. With each passing year, this remarkable institution has continued to enhance the beauty of Cornell as well as our community, offering an ever-evolving landscape as well as valuable educational and recreational opportunities that benefit not just the Cornell community, but also residents and visitors to our area.”


As a devoted fan of gardens, floral design and travel, I have had the pleasure of exploring both public and private gardens in numerous countries throughout the world. These experiences have deepened my appreciation for the beauty and diversity that flourishing gardens and green spaces add to any community.

A long time member and volunteer for the Ithaca Garden Club, founded in 1922 by Daisy Farrand, wife of then-president Livingston Farrand, I am currently serving as its president. Since its founding, the mission of our club has been to educate its members in horticulture and floral design and encourage public interest in conserving and enhancing the natural beauty of our community, state and nation.