Cornell Botanic Gardens has played a central role in my Cornell experience, from my earliest Cornell memories as a toddler, visiting the F.R. Newman Arboretum with my mom. As a student, I visited the Botanic Gardens frequently with CALS classes and with friends. In the years since graduating, I’ve come to appreciate even more all that Cornell Botanic Gardens contributes to the university, the Ithaca community, and the larger world. There’s something sparking inspiration around every corner, from the stunning gorges to gardens demonstrating climate-change impacts. Having such an incredible natural and educational resource in our midst is something Cornellians should not take for granted.”


I’m a higher education communications, marketing, and alumni relations professional. In my current role at the University of Toronto, I oversee initiatives in all of those areas for a large academic department. Prior to settling in Toronto, I resided in the Boston area where I worked at Harvard University and served as vice president of communications and marketing for the Cornell Club of Boston.