As Associate Dean of Students/Senior Advisor to the Dean, “Dr. Renee” focuses on campus climate issues. Through her work with student communities, Renee Alexander’s efforts improve dialogue, collaboration, and understanding. Under her leadership, the Breaking Bread initiative – which brings participants together for a special meal and facilitated conversation – won the highly acclaimed Perkins Prize (2017) for its significant impact toward furthering the ideal of university community while respecting the values of racial and cultural diversity. Her contributions also include facilitating Town Hall meetings, convening the Leadership Roundtable of campus student leaders, working within and between groups to foster community and confront complex issues, mediation, resolving conflicts, advising students, and supporting students as they engage across the spectrum of Cornell communities.

A Cornellian, Dr. Alexander earned her B.A. in American History and Government from the College of Arts and Sciences. She earned her MS.Ed in Counseling from Hunter College/CUNY, and Doctor of Philosophy from the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University in Educational Psychology.