“As a child my father brought me to Cornell every year and our first stop on campus would inevitably be the gardens. My father, a graduate of Cornell (CALS ’69), took great pride in having attended the university and after graduating went on to work at a Cornell cooperative extension for his first position as a Horticulturalist. He would lead me through the gardens, as he did all the natural areas of the campus, which regardless of the season would always pop with wonderful colors, and teach me the name of each and every plant as we made our way. Later as a student I would enjoy the gardens myself when looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of college life. I think the Botanical Gardens are a real treasure and something that set’s Cornell’s campus apart from other universities and it’s an honor to serve on the advisory council.”


I am the Global Head of Infrastructure and Project Finance at Fitch Ratings where we provide credit ratings on infrastructure projects around the world. Such projects include but are not limited to airports, seaports, toll roads, renewable energy, and stadiums. It’s an exciting time to be in infrastructure as the space continues to evolve with new and different definitions, while it simultaneously expands to all geographies globally. One of the reasons that I am attracted to infrastructure finance is the impact it has on our daily lives – people see it, touch it, and use it.

Prior to joining Fitch in 2010 I was at Ambac Assurance Corporation where I was responsible for credit oversight of an insured portfolio of $250 billion of both public finance and project finance credits. I began my career with Arthur Andersen LLP’s Office of Government Services in Washington, DC.