• Ecological Restoration
  • Native plant communities
  • Ethnobotany and Ethnomycology


I am a part of the Natural Areas Stewardship team, and I take the concept of land stewardship to heart in my everyday life. As we care for the land around us, it, in turn, takes care of us. It is an honor to steward our 3,500+ acres of biodiverse natural areas to not only ensure long-term ecological health, but to also provide access to the natural world for all who wish to seek it out. My role utilizes a vast array of practices including trail maintenance, invasive species management, ecosystem restoration, GIS monitoring, nuisance wildlife control, educational outreach, and much more.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology with a minor in Traditional Ecological Knowledge from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Outside of work I am a certified forager, and love teaching these skills to the public in order to help mend connections to the land and foster community resiliency.