• Youth education
  • Accounting
  • Learning about horticulture


I work as the administrative assistant to The E.N. Wilds Director and assist in the business unit. I maintain the director’s schedule and act as a point of contact for him, along with other duties on his behalf. I’m the main purchaser for the gardens and complete several accounting related duties for our department.

In spring I have the pleasure of assisting with the Wildflower Exploration Program. We visit area third grade classes in two local school districts to teach youth about wildflowers. Later in the spring, these third-grade classes visit our Mundy Wildflower Garden for a tour and hands-on field learning.

The majority of my work experience has been with youth, from infants to middle-school-aged, and my involvement with our education department sparks my passion. I love learning and disseminating knowledge. I don’t have a background in the horticulture field, but enjoy learning, almost daily, something new about plants. If you’re looking for plant identification or garden tips, I’m not your guy.