• Invasive species management
  • Native Plants and propagation
  • Trail construction and maintenance
  • GIS/GPS mapping


I work with the natural areas team, including staff and volunteers, to steward both on-campus and off-campus natural areas. I am responsible for coordinating work teams to ensure that natural areas are well cared for. I am dedicated to conservation of the natural spaces that enhance our lives and play a critical role in healthy ecosystems. My work includes a focus on efforts to conserve rare plant species found in Cornell Botanic Gardens’ natural areas by controlling the invasive species that threaten them. I am a strong advocate of ecological restoration and have focused my efforts on growing native trees and shrubs from locally collected seed to plant in areas where invasive species have been removed. I have spoken to local and regional organizations on Cornell Botanic Gardens’ successful efforts to control invasive species across its more than 3,000 acres of natural areas, as well as on trail stabilization practices, tools and tool maintenance, field plant identification, and natural history. I hold a bachelor’s degree in forestry from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and have more than 15 years of experience working in natural areas. I hold certifications in pesticide application from New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and chainsaw operation from the Game of Logging.