• Woody plant propagation
  • Tree climbing
  • Public gardening


I am the assistant arborist at Cornell Botanic Gardens. I assist in the care and maintenance of our tree collections within the Arboretum, garden spaces, and natural areas. My role utilizes a variety of different tree and land management practices including planting, pruning, mulching, hazardous tree removals, and so much more. I hold a B.S. in Environmental Science with a concentration in Land Stewardship from Ithaca College (Class of ‘23). After graduating, I worked at Cornell Botanic Gardens as a seasonal gardener in Mundy Wildflower Garden, as well as our Plant Production Facility. With that role, I gained a lot of experience with native plant propagation, as well as general greenhouse management strategies. In my free time, I am often out-and-about hiking or tending to my at-home plants/garden.