• Plant Propagation
  • Natural History
  • Vegetable Production
  • Public Gardening


I assist in the care of plants in our collections and provide support in many areas of the gardens. I spend the most time working in our Plant Production Facility where I primarily focus on nursery inventory management, plant propagation, and greenhouse management. As the Greenhouse Assistant, I also focus on greenhouse IPM under the direction of the Greenhouse Manager. This position allows me to continuously learn and utilize a wide variety of skills while working alongside many horticulture experts. I really enjoy that my job allows me to interact with a diverse group of plants and people!

I hold a B.S. in Agriculture Sciences with a minor in Horticulture from Cornell University (Class of ‘22). My first experience working at the Cornell Botanic Gardens was as a student employee with the Learning by Leading™ program as Co-Leader of the Horticulture Enterprise Team. This 1-year position allowed me to gain hands-on experience in greenhouse management and plant propagation while also helping me build fluency in communication and planning. I am really grateful for the Learning by Leading™ program, as it helped build a strong foundation that has prepared me for my current role as greenhouse assistant.