Art, stories, and tours celebrate plants and the Black experience

Cornell Botanic Gardens’ exhibition “Seeds of Survival and Celebration: Plants and the Black Experience” honors […]

Cultural Connection

Indigo: plant of culture and color

The story of indigo shares the skill and resilience of enslaved Africans and their descendants.

Cultural Connection

Spring blooms embody hope and new beginnings

Many plants that bloom in spring have come to signify hope, rebirth, and renewal.


Connecting with nature through mindfulness meditation

Enjoy the health benefits of time among pollinators and plants.

Cultural Connection

For the Love of Chocolate

Have you thought about when and why chocolate became part of Valentine’s Day traditions?

Cultural Connection

Which plant is the real shamrock?

The shamrock has been a familiar symbol of Irish culture for hundreds of years, but do you know which plant is the real shamrock?

Cultural Connection

Honoring black culture through plants

Explore the plants included in “Seeds of Survival and Celebration: Plants and the Black Experience.”


Collaboration plants seeds for cultural, biological conservation

A campus collaboration with the Gayogo̱hó:nǫ’ (Cayuga Nation) seeks to conserve biodiversity and simultaneously safeguard human cultural values and traditions.

Cultural Connection

Hydrangeas: Stars of late summer

While undeniably beautiful, the symbolic meaning of hydrangea varies considerably among different cultures.