The Significance Of Biodiversity

The recognition of the interconnectivity between human beings and the natural world is a profound knowledge that reminds the former of the crucial presence of the flora and fauna that has co-existed with us over the course of history. The  Introduction to Printmaking class of Fall 2019 with Professor Gregory Page, Graduate Assistant Tina Lim, and Printmaking specialist Julianne Hunter at Cornell University, in collaboration with the Cornell Botanic Garden, Horticulturist Emily Detrick, Emily Pratt, and Allison Daly has been tasked to ponder on the biodiversity of plants that have been growing within that sanctuary. The students have applied their technical printmaking knowledge of lithography, screen printing, and woodcut to showcase how plants have had an impact on their own lives and have echoed within the broader spheres that contribute to the cultural heritage of humanity. 

Current and Past Exhibits

Past Exhibit

Ash Trees: A Story of Relationships, Loss, and Hope

How the invasive Emerald Ash Borer has upset the intricate relationships ash trees have with Haudenosaunee communities

Past Exhibit

Don’t Forget Us: The Plight of the Hemlock and Ash Trees

Stone, Plate, and Photo Lithographs by Cornell students.

Past Exhibit

“Invisible Blue” Watercolors by Eder Muniz

Fifteen vibrant water color paintings by the artist who created the new magical mural behind the Nevin Welcome Center.