Cornell Botanic Gardens' staff experts and Cornell faculty share proven approaches for making gardens and landscapes climate-positive and climate-resilient.

Reduce your Climate Footprint in the Garden

In this podcast with New York Times gardening columnist Margaret Roach, Sonja Skelly offers practical steps for reducing your carbon footprint in the garden, such as opting for organic rather than synthetic fertilizers, and planting native and low-growing grasses instead of traditional lawn grasses. Sonja is director of education and academic initiatives for Cornell Botanic Gardens and leads its Climate Change Demonstration Garden.

How to climate-proof your garden

Sierra magazine—April 25, 2022

Sonja Skelly, director of education, talks about Climate Change Demonstration Garden. It was established in 2014 “to use plants as the lens to help tell the story of climate change,” she tells the magazine of the Sierra Club. The garden also serves as a way to show the public that climate change isn’t an abstract phenomenon happening elsewhere in the world—it is happening here as well.

How Your Garden can be Part of the Climate Solution

A brochure with tips from Cornell Professor David Wolfe taken from his chapter, “Gardening Sustainably in a Changing Climate,” in The New American Landscape.