Click on each image to view tips for gardening sustainably from interpretive panels displayed in the Pounder Vegetable Garden.

Eat a Plant-rich Diet

Replace meat and dairy with high-protein plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Pickle for Sustainability

Reduce food waste by pickling for longer storage.

Be Water Wise

Helpful tips to conserve water in your yard.

Use Mulch

Conserve water and soil by adding mulch.

Use “Green Manure”

Plant a cover crop to improve soil health.

Practice Companion Planting

Pair plants that provide benefits to you and the environment.

Plant in Succession

Techniques that make efficient use of space and planting times to grow healthy, high-yielding plants.

Plant Perennial Crops

Beautiful, delicious, and good for the environment.

Attract Beneficial Insects

Grow plants that attract insects for pest control and pollination.

Control Pests Naturally

Catch cucumber beetles with low-cost sticky traps.