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Cornell Botanic Gardens staff and volunteers, along with local conservation partners including the Finger Lakes Land Trust, Finger Lakes Native Plant Society, and the Cayuga Trail Club completed an unprecedented monitoring campaign started in 2009 to detect and report new populations of hemlock woolly adelgid.  That effort is ongoing, and you can help by becoming an HWA monitoring volunteer. View more details about this opportunity here.

We encourage all people interested in volunteering and learning more about HWA to join the hemlock woolly adelgid E-List-Serv. Here, volunteer monitors can arrange and coordinate monitoring events and discuss HWA news and developments.

Reporting Survey Results

It is imperative that all survey results are reported, including areas where no hemlock woolly adelgids are found.  Reporting helps us monitor the spread of this pest and find pest-resistant trees. Learn more about HWA, how to monitor it, and how to report both positive and negative sightings here.