Happy spring! From late-winter blooms of witch hazel, Lenten roses, and snowdrops, to new shoots of tulips, skunk cabbage, and other spring-blooming plants, there are many signs of life re-emerging here. This time of year, our staff are gearing up for the growing season. Much time and effort is spent creating and conserving healthy habitats in our natural areas to support a wide variety of beneficial insects and other wildlife. We offer you these three videos with our Director of Natural Areas, Todd Bittner, sharing what we have done to create bustling, productive plant communities.

Low Mow Native Lawn: Learn the value of replacing traditional lawn with a mix of native plants to support pollinators:

Ten Years of Habitat Restoration: Learn about the importance of habitat restoration for conservation and how we use it as an outdoor classroom:

Fencing out the Deer: Learn about the impacts of deer and ways they can be managed to conserve biodiversity.

All videos produced by Flock Finger Lakes.