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In 1990, the State of New York designated the 1.8-mile stretch of Fall Creek, from Cayuga Lake to the Triphammer Falls foot bridge, a Recreational River, at the request of the City of Ithaca. The designation of Fall Creek as a Recreational River mandates the preservation and restoration of its natural, scenic, and recreational qualities.

State-designated wild, scenic, and recreational rivers are preserved in a free flowing condition, protecting them from development, for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations.  A designated river’s importance may be based on fish, wildlife and botanical resources, aesthetic quality, archaeological significance, and other cultural and historic features.

NYSDEC recommends that primary management emphasis be placed on the protection and enhancement of the natural, scenic, ecological, recreational, aesthetic, botanical, geological, hydrological, fish and wildlife, historical, cultural, archaeological and scientific features of the Fall Creek Recreational River.

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“…the gorges and creeks are unique landscapes requiring as much attention and care as any other part of campus.”  Campus Master Plan, 2008