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There is a growing movement to replace traditional non-native grass lawns with a more diverse palette of low-growing native plant species. Learn about the benefits of native lawns and resources for creating one at home in these articles and interviews about our native lawn demonstration area.

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Article in The New York Times

Read about our Native Lawn in the September 13, 2023 New York Times article "A Viable Alternative to Conventional Lawn? Cornell May Have Found One."

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Podcast with Margaret Roach

Listen to an interview with Natural Areas Director Todd Bittner on the podcast "A Way to Garden" with Margaret Roach.

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Native lawns that only need to be mowed twice a year

WCBS 880 All Local — September 18, 2023

Want to help the environment and tend a low-maintenance yard? According to Todd Bittner, our Director of Natural Areas, a native lawn might be for you.

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Would you give up your lawn for an easier, environmentally friendly option? Here’s how it could look

WXXI News – October 4, 2023

Learn more about the benefits of a native lawn by listening to this five-minute interview with Natural Areas Director Todd Bittner.

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Cornell Botanical Gardens Natural Area Project Advances Lawn Sustainability

Cornell Daily Sun — October 12, 2023
The Botanic Gardens has a Natural Lawn program that has resulted in greater sustainability and increased biodiversity and resilience.

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