By Jay Potter

Harnessing the power of plants for climate action from Cornell Botanic Gardens on Vimeo.

Cornell Botanic Gardens utilizes the world’s most efficient carbon capture technology – plants. In this video, Director of Natural Areas Todd Bittner explains how our forests, shrublands, and meadows sequester enough carbon each year to significantly contribute Cornell’s goal of a carbon-neutral campus by 2035.

Learn how our 3,725 acres of biologically diverse landscapes on and around campus capture carbon and what needs to be done to keep them thriving, resilient, and working to mitigate a changing climate.


Nature-based solutions for a carbon-neutral Cornell

Interactive maps tell the visual story of how our biologically-diverse landscapes capture carbon and advance Cornell’s Climate Action Plan


Acclaimed artist brings forth student poetry

Cornell students in The Art of Horticulture course blended nature and sensory experience to create poetry in a workshop led by Nigerian-American artist Precious Okoyomon.


Invitation to Autumn Wonder

View the dazzling hues of fall in this short aerial video over the Bioswale Garden.