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During this time of COVID-19 containment, peace is found through mindfully observing the beauty of nature around us. We offer these articles, videos, activities, and other online resources to stay connected with our gardens and natural areas.

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New life emerges with each spring day. Explore spring highlights in articles, collections of plants from our gardens, and videos.

In Bloom

Spring Highlights: May 22

Highlights include flowering shrubs, tulips, and rhododendrons.


Spring brings a diversity of songbirds to Cornell Botanic Gardens

Spring has finally arrived, and along with her, a glorious return of songbirds to Cornell Botanic Gardens’ diverse natural areas. Visit three spring migration hotspots.

Species Spotlight

Legends and Lore of the Tulip

The iris and the peony have been grown since ancient times for their beauty, medicinal properties, and powerful symbolism.

Wildflower Explorations at Home

Find videos and activities to explore spring wildflowers for teachers, families, and kids of all ages.

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Virtual Events

We offer programs and events to deepen each of our personal connections to plants.


Grow your own vegetables with container and small-space gardening

Bobbie Kuhlman, horticulturist, shares her tips for potting, watering, and getting the most enjoyment from vegetables grown in pots.


Global Climate Stories

Hear stories from people in three countries greatly impacted by climate change in this April 22 webinar.


Garden Tales: A Storytelling Showcase Part 1

Freshman writers share stories of their connection to gardens, farms and nature.

A Walk Through Cornell Botanic Gardens

View some of your favorite places at Cornell Botanic Gardens in this short slideshow.

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