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Our natural areas, gardens, plant collections, and educational programs offer rich experiences that can enhance any Cornell class. We invite faculty and instructors to contact us to determine how Botanic Gardens can complement, reinforce, demonstrate, illustrate and enrich your students’ classroom experience. Our staff can offer expertise or help inform your visit.

Botanic Gardens is a place that can accommodate courses from any college at Cornell; examples include:

Architecture, Art & Planning
ART 2301 Introduction to Print Media
CRP 3850 Introduction to Green Real Estate

Arts & Sciences
ANTHR 1101 Freshman Writing Seminars – Age of Extinctions, Plant Politics, Environmentalism
ARSC 1996 Underground Railroad
BIOEE 1780 Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Diversity
BSOC 2640 Introduction to Ancient Medicines
ENG 1120 Freshman Writing Seminar—Writing Ecology

Agriculture & Life Sciences
COMM 4860 Risk Communication
ENTOM 2120 Insect Biology
ENTOM 3350 Naturalist Outreach Practicum
NTRES 2010 Environmental Conservation
PLBIO 2101 Medical Ethnobotany
PLHRT 1101 Introduction to Horticulture Science
PLHRT 3910 Wood Plant Identification and Use in the Landscape
PLPPM 3190 Mushrooms of the Field and Forest

EAS 1101 Climate and Energy: A 21st Century Earth Science Perspective
EAS 2250 The Earth System
EAS 4370 Field Geophysics

Human Ecology
DEA 1100 Design Generation

Veterinary Medicine
VTMED 6531 Poisonous Plants


Contact us today to let us help you enhance your class.

To visit or learn from our natural areas, contact Todd Bittner, director of natural areas.

To visit or learn from our gardens, plant collections or education & communications programs, contact Sonja Skelly, director of education & communications.