The Learning by Leading (LxL) program empowers a new generation of learners and environmental leaders through mentoring and experience.  Students in the LxL program have the opportunity to co-lead, co-create and problem-solve as part of innovative and dynamic teams at Cornell Botanic Gardens.

Learning by Leading combines expert staff mentoring and student experiential learning through work projects carried out by student led teams. Student teams engage in mission-related work that provide opportunities for students to develop critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and teamwork skills that prepare them for the necessary work of educated global citizens.

Students in the LxL program will

  • Gain leadership experience in a team setting as they solve problems and co-create mission-related projects.
  • Learn to address challenges through creative, collaborative problem solving.
  • Gain hands-on experience as well as the personal and professional support necessary to become environmental leaders in the modern workforce.
  • Become effective advocates for the conservation of plants, natural areas, and biocultural diversity.
  • Learn about local and global plant life, the ecosystems and cultures they sustain, and the challenges they are facing.
  • Be welcomed as a professional team member and part of the Botanic Gardens family, and build a personal and professional support network consisting of the Botanic Gardens’ staff, advisors, supporters and partners.
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