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Interested in learning about plants with your students?

Ask us about specific themes or learning outcomes you have for your students and how we might be able to develop a program specifically for your group.

Some examples of programs we can customize for your group:

  • International Grocery Bag – Students visit the international crop garden to see the major food plants of the world and to learn about the plant and the part(s) we eat.
  • Garden Design – Walking through our gardens, students learn about formal & informal design; annual & perennial plants; woody & herbaceous plants and how to create a garden.
  • Herbs for all Ages – Engaging their senses, students explore the many ways herbs have enriched lives and share their own stories about herbs.
  • Every Flower Can Make a Fruit – Students gain an understanding of what a fruit is and then examine the many kinds of fruit with game-like activities.

Recommend grades: All
Available season: April – November

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