Dunlop Meadow supports a large variety of common meadow species and the rolling topography provides variation in soil conditions and variation in plant species composition. It is a young meadow at this point in time and is impressively large, an important characteristic for nesting of some bird species.

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Trails at Dunlop Meadow

The nearly flat trail here provides an easy hike with scenic views across the Six Mile Creek Valley and is good for cross country skiing. Find the route on the mobile-friendly website

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Research at Dunlop Meadow

The large size has allowed our staff to implement several meadow management treatments to enhance diversity and maintain the meadow. The northern portion of the site contains a managed array of agricultural and post-agricultural plots designed to illustrate old-field plant community succession.

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Natural Heritage of Dunlop Meadow

A description of the ecological communities found here.


Spring brings a diversity of songbirds to Cornell Botanic Gardens

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