This preserve protects one of the rarest environments in the local region – the lake cliffs.  In addition, Shurger Glen, cut by Gulf Creek, is a forested ravine and winding gorge with breathtaking waterfalls, scenic views and rare species.

This preserve was given by Donald A. and Helen T. Edwards in 2003.

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Gorges and Waterfalls

Where to find the gorges and waterfalls of Cornell Botanic Gardens that make Ithaca “gorges.” 

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Trails at Edwards Lake Cliffs

Three trails here lead to views of Cayuga Lake and a scenic glen and waterfall. Find trail routes on the mobile-friendly website

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Natural Heritage of Edwards Lake Cliffs

More about the rare plants and plant communities here.

Geology of Edwards Lake Cliffs

This site is popular for geology class field trips because of a variety of interesting features.

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